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25 July 2012 @ 02:27 am
Cast Two Shadows 1/? [Aoi/Uruha, Uruha/Aoi]  
Title: Cast Two Shadows
Chapters: 1/?
Author(s): veroxion & deadlyscarlet
Genre: Romance/Paranormal/Mystery
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, Sex, Violence, Rape, Character Death (OC), Suicide (OC), Use of Real Names + OC's
Pairings: Aoi/Uruha, Uruha/Aoi

Synopsis: After a fire that leaves Takashima Kouyou homeless, he's taken in by his friend and colleague, Shiroyama Yuu. The two men get along just fine, but Yuu's younger sister isn't thrilled with their new house guest. After an abrupt suicide that leaves her dead, Kouyou starts acting strangely... and it's up to Yuu to figure out what dark force is manipulating the man who he harbours a secret love for.

Comments: Hey guys! This is deadlyscarlet's and I's new collaboration together. We hope you enjoy it. :)


In his luxurious office on the fourth floor, Shiroyama Yuu let out an exhausted sigh of relief as his fingers finally stopped tapping away at the keyboard in front of him, allowing him to finally take a break. The cup of strong, black coffee beside him had become cold as he had neglected it for his work, and the brunet cringed when he took a sip, resisting the urge to spit it back out for the horrid, bitter taste it caused in his mouth. The successful lawyer had just finished writing up a defense case for one of his new clients, and it had taken him a while to suss out a good argument that would hopefully win over the judge.

It wasn’t exactly easy when there was evidence the woman had illegal drugs on her person, and a criminal record to boot. At this rate, it looked as if she was on a clear road straight to jail, but luckily for her, she was a minor and under the influence, so he hoped that community service would be the worst she got.

With all the work he’d put into writing such a detailed, precise defensive statement, Yuu hoped it would do his slightly overbearing client some good. In all honesty, the lawyer couldn’t wait for the young woman, who was no older than his sister, to be taken off his hands. 

After shutting off his sleek black laptop and packing it away into its protective case, Yuu slipped his navy blue blazer over his shoulders and prepared to leave his office, gathering some important documents off his large oak desk and securing them in his briefcase. The brunet stole a glance at the round clock on the wall, informing him it was nearly seven ‘o’clock in the evening. It wasn’t the latest hour he had worked to, but it was still a time that disagreed with him. Still, work was work and he enjoyed his job, however strenuous and time-consuming it could be sometimes. It paid well, and after recently being promoted to partner, Yuu knew it was also rewarding to be so hard-working.

Locking the door to his private office, Yuu started to carry his things towards the elevator, swiftly striding down the dull hallway of the law firm he worked at. Even though it was the end of the work day, he could still hear phones ringing and the occasional hum of office life. Yuu paused when he reached a corner, about to turn right so that he’d be able to leave, but instead took a left. With his heart beating a little faster, the anxious lawyer approached a wooden door that was open ajar, indicating that there was still someone inside. The brunet knocked, opening the door a little more to reveal himself as he stood in the entranceway, a smile working its way onto his face as his eyes zeroed in on the man sitting at the desk in the room. “You’re still here?” he commented casually.

Hearing the familiar voice of his partner, Takashima Kouyou looked up from the cluster of papers gripped in between his hands, slightly surprised. He had been cooped up in his comfortable cabin on the first floor all morning, and hadn’t expected any visitors for the day. But then, Yuu almost always stopped by to check in on him, so the other lawyer was welcome to the blond’s cabin without any kind of notice, as their friendship went way back. So, the sudden surprise left him as soon as it had come. Unlike the brunet, the twenty seven-year old Harvard graduate had risen to the title of partner in just a couple of years since he’d joined the firm. Yuu had been one of the junior lawyers under him. 

After getting to know Yuu personally as well as on professional basis, Kouyou had solely recommended Yuu's promotion to their boss, as the young lawyer had been impressed to the core when the brunet had drawn up an ingenious defense for a rape victim, for which there had been no kind of substantial evidence to imprison the convict. But through Yuu’s intelligence, Kouyou had won the case by completely destroying the opponent lawyer’s argument in the blink of an eye. 

When their boss had given the okay for the promotion, Yuu in return had requested to be Kouyou's partner, which had made the two lawyers even more closer than before. To Kouyou, who hardly had any friends, Yuu was his only solace. The two men being on a first name basis further indicated the two lawyers’ closeness. 

“I’m just going over some case papers, Yuu.” Kouyou smiled. “You heading home?”

Yuu returned the smile, his face and body suddenly feeling hot under his heavy work clothes. Seeing Kouyou smile, especially at him, was something that evoked a reaction like this from him constantly. The only thing the brunet could do was try not to blush, even if his obvious awkwardness was clear. While it was sometimes embarrassing to admit how much he admired and respected Kouyou for his intelligence and hard work, there was never enough he could say about the other man and the effect he had on him. 

“Yeah, I’m finished for the day.” he replied, walking into the room and closing the door behind him.

“How much longer do you think you’ll be?” Yuu asked as he took a seat in one of the large, comfortable armchairs in front of Kouyou’s desk, which were situated there for his numerous clients and whatever other guests he may have during work hours. “If you’re finishing up, we should go grab a drink.” he suggested with a small smirk, wondering how he could sound so confident when there was a game of chance going on inside him. The yes or no question. Yuu tried to focus on anything except Kouyou’s face, and ended up staring down at his feet as he waited for an answer.

The blond contemplated over Yuu's offer for a while, wondering whether to take it or not. He had been working all morning on the Nakamura murder case. There were practically no leads and he still had to draw up a detailed case report for the investigations that the police detectives had submitted to him. But then none of his assistants had come in for work today, as they had all chosen to fall sick at the same time. So Kouyou knew it was pretty useless to consider staying back any further. 

It had been so long since he'd done something as casual as a drink with a colleague, as he had been really busy with some of his recent cases. If he went with Yuu now, the brunet would be able to definitely give him some insight into the case he was currently working on, for Kouyou knew that Yuu was very smart and perceptive, being capable of figuring out stuff which Kouyou couldn’t manage even with his Harvard degree. That was one of the reasons why Kouyou had personally recommended Yuu, even though his junior had received his law degree from a mediocre college. And of course, Kouyou could never turn down an offer for a drink due to his incredible love for alcohol.

“There is no point in me staying anyway,” he grumbled, pouting a little. “I am getting nowhere with this shit. So I guess I will take up on your offer.” The blond smiled.

“That’s great.” Yuu rushed out, gathering himself as he stood from one of the plush armchairs in his fellow colleague’s office, and stared at the elaborately framed photographs on Kouyou’s wall, followed by his certificates of achievement. The brunet admired them while the other lawyer started to pack away his things for the end of his working day. 

Kouyou, whose attention still remained on carefully gathering all the important papers and files, didn't share Yuu’s excitement yet, as what he was doing was crucial. According to company norms, all the files and documents had to be locked up in the safe before the lawyers left the building, in order to prevent thefts or leak of critical information. So after securely locking away all the important files in the electronic, password-protected safe, Kouyou turned back to finally look his colleague in the eye.

“Shall we, then?”

Yuu nearly jumped when he heard the blond tell him he was ready, but simply nodded his head and walked with the blond to the door, being courteous and opening it for him. “Have any idea on where you want to go?” he asked, as he sent Kouyou a small glance before quickly snapping his gaze elsewhere.

“Um, can we go to a restaurant which has an attached bar?” The blond grimaced, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. “I haven't eaten anything from morning.”

When Kouyou had been accepted into Harvard, his parents had sold all their property in Tokyo, bought a new house in the United States and the blond in return had lived with them during the entire duration of his schooling. By the time Kouyou graduated, he had already made the firm decision to practice law not in America, but in Tokyo. 

After graduation, Kouyou had departed from the States and rented a single-room flat for himself. His parents, who preferred America over Japan, continued to reside there without their only son. So the blond lived all alone, and he had no relatives in Japan either, which resulted in him having no one to care for him. On top of that, Kouyou was a horrible cook, mostly living on frugally-made meals or take-outs. This morning though, his case had been occupying most of his time that he didn't have time to even order a delivery let alone go to a restaurant.

“Sure thing. I know a place that’s close.” Yuu supplied, smiling reassuringly at the other man. “You should take better care of yourself.” he commented airily, a little perturbed that Kouyou hadn’t eaten anything all day. Even he had the time to eat the lunch his helpful assistant had brought for him. But he knew that Kouyou was having a difficult time with his recent case, so he understood how hard it was for the blond to tend to his own needs, as he had also been in a similar position before.

“You look a little pale as well.” The brunet observed as he, without really thinking what he was doing, walked up to Kouyou and placed his hand on the other man’s slightly flushed forehead, trying to feel for an abnormal temperature. There was nothing out of the ordinary, but Yuu knew that one’s health could deteriorate fast under stress without proper nutrition, and it looked as if Kouyou was heading straight for an illness with his current work habits.

“You seem okay.” Yuu commented, before it occurred to him what he was doing, and moved his hand away quickly, looking sheepish for his sudden actions. “Let’s go get some food in you.”

“Okay.” Kouyou flashed a bright smile, which almost made the other man's heart falter. Finally locking up his cabin, the two lawyers left the alabaster building into the outside world. Kouyou had already called for a taxi when he had agreed to Yuu's offer. A yellow coloured cab was waiting for them outside. Yuu pulled open the door for the blond, and Kouyou climbed in first, followed by the brunet. “Give him the address.” Kouyou said. 

Once Yuu remembered the address for a local restaurant which also hosted a bar, he gave the directions to the driver and the taxi started to drive off to their destination. The two men sat there quietly, just enjoying the peace that was only disturbed by the gentle hum of the car engine. After such a stressful day at work on both their parts, it was nice to just enjoy the car ride for an evening out to dinner. It almost took Yuu by surprise that he and Kouyou were going to dinner... together. Of course, being close colleagues and friends, they had been out to lunch before but they had never really breached the work-day barrier, and this was the first time they were doing something together out of work hours.

Yuu resisted the urge to smile, instead setting his lips in a firm line. The brunet was well aware he liked Kouyou more than he let on, but he didn’t want to tarnish their friendship for his own selfish desires, so he kept his slowly growing feelings to himself. “Are you still working on the Nakamura case?” he asked in an attempt to strike up a conversation.

“Yes,” Kouyou released a heavy sigh. “We practically have no leads on that one. Our detectives are still working on it. But the suspect's alibi is a bit too strong. If only we could get a witness, or even a tiny clue that the alibi is cooked up, then this case would be solved a lot more easier.”

Kouyou let his head fall onto the taxi's uncomfortable leather seat rest. His eyes had started stinging due to the terrible exhaustion triggered by all those sleepless nights. The man Nakamura Souichi had been found dead in his apartment, partially burned to death. There was no way to write this off as a suicide attempt as there were marks around the victim's neck that indicated he had been strangled to death from behind, before being burned. Their only suspect was Ishida Yuta, who a couple of days before Nakamura's death, had threatened to murder him due to a love triangle that involved the two men. Ishida had a bit of a past which included drug-smuggling and rape. But still, a man's past wasn't enough to arrest him for a murder that lacked proof. Kouyou himself knew that Ishida was lying. But for now, the blond could do nothing except find proof that revealed his alibi had been falsified.  

Yuu just nodded his head in sympathy, understanding how difficult it was to solve tricky cases like this when there wasn’t enough evidence. “Well, the case is still open so you might get lucky if they provide more evidence for you to use.” The brunet supplied helpfully as the taxi rolled to a stop in front of the restaurant. Since Yuu was the one who had invited his colleague out for the evening, he paid the taxi fare and on the closest side to the pavement, opened the door for both him and Kouyou to climb out to avoid oncoming traffic. After thanking the driver, Yuu turned to enter the restaurant.

Kouyou followed Yuu who led the way inside the traditional, Japanese restaurant. The restaurant looked pleasant, decorated with warm, soothing colours. Waitresses dressed in a pink, sakura-patterned kimonos, with hospitable smiles on their faces were taking orders from the customers. The brunet led him to a private corner which blocked them from others through wooden blocks and shouji screens. There was a wooden table on the tatami floor with two cushions for the customers to sit, on either side of the table. The sake cabinet which stored hundreds of sake and the wine bar was enough to make the blond lawyer euphoric.

When they were finally seated, one of the waitresses walked to them with a menu in her hands. She handed a menu each to both the lawyers.

“Thank you.” Yuu thanked the pretty waitress as she smiled at them, before bowing and leaving the two men alone so that they could decide what to order. Before she left, the brunet made sure that she would bring them both back some sake to drink. He knew Kouyou was fond of alcohol, so he didn’t have to ask his colleague whether or not he wanted a drink. Looking over the menu, detailing all kinds of delicious foods consisting of Japanese dishes, Yuu pursed his lips in thought as he tried to decide what he wanted. Unlike Kouyou, he knew how to cook and eating at home saved him money, so he hardly ever had the pleasure of eating out.

“What are you going to order?” he asked, taking his eyes off all the different dishes so that he could look up at Kouyou, who was also studying the menu with a pout, trying to decide on what he was going to have to eat. “I was thinking of sashimi.” Yuu suggested.

“Hmm,” Kouyou hummed as he scanned through the menu, wracking his brain in order to choose something as simple as what he wanted to eat. Kouyou never bothered himself with something as trivial as food. To him, food was just something to prevent himself from collapsing. That was one of the reasons why he was a terrible cook. He always wished he had a girlfriend who would shower him with food cooked with a lot of love, but unfortunately, his career never allowed any of his relationships to last long. All the women he had been with wanted a lot of attention, and more of his time which was something the blond could never offer. In the end, Kouyou was left to face heartbreak multiple number of times, which in turn resulted in him fearing relationships as a whole.

“I will have sashimi too, then.” The blond decided, placing the menu back on the table.  

“Okay, I guess that’s sorted.” Yuu nodded and closed the menu as the waitress returned with two tokkuri, placing the bottles down onto the low table and setting the sakazuki out. The waitress graciously filled the two ceramic saucers with sake before she was ready to take their orders. “We’ll both have sashimi.” Yuu told her, to which she nodded and scribbled it down onto a small notebook, which she then tucked back away into her obi before gathering back the menus to take back to the waiters station.

“Just a moment, please enjoy the sake while you wait.” The waitress then bowed and left to fetch their orders, leaving the two lawyers alone with only the company of one another. Yuu tapped his fingers on the table in thought. Now that he had gotten away from the office, he wasn’t in the mood to talk about work. “So,” he drawled. “What have you been up to lately?”

“Nothing at all.” Kouyou pouted. “This stupid case has been occupying all my time and driving me crazy.” The blond grumbled as he downed the sake in one go and quickly refilled it. Nakamura's family members were always calling up the blond almost every day, inquiring for leads in the case. They were obsessed with the killer being arrested and brought to justice. When Kouyou tried explaining to them that they were still looking for proof, even though they knew who the killer was, they just snapped back at him and accused him of being a stupid, good for nothing lawyer. There were times when he merely wanted to quit, but the love for his career never allowed him to do so. In the end, he had remained locked up in the office for unhealthy hours, doing nothing but talking to various witnesses and detectives. The blond wished  for the day to see some light which would relieve him of his turmoil.

“What about you, Yuu?” Kouyou smiled. “Had any girlfriends lately?”

Yuu was quiet for a moment before he smirked bitterly. “No, I’m too busy.” he lied, knowing that while he was busy, it wasn’t the reason why he didn’t have a girlfriend. Not that Kouyou would know that, because the other man had no idea that he actually preferred men over the opposite sex. Still, he didn’t want anything to be awkward between them and he knew Kouyou would look at him differently if he revealed his sexuality to him, so he remained silent. “You know how it is, right?” he joked, sipping at his sake.
“I haven’t seen you with any women recently either.” he commented, inwardly pleased with this fact but not showing it. He was jealous, but Yuu wasn’t about to show it.

“Oh, come on.” Kouyou rolled his eyes as he kept downing the sake as soon as his saucer was once again refilled. Kouyou's pale cheeks started turning a pretty pink, indicating that the alcohol was already getting into his head. “Do I look like I have the time to have women around me? They are ungrateful bitches. You work your ass off in order to take care of them, but what do you get instead?” The blond slurred, obviously pouring all his resentment for his ex-girlfriends into the conversation. 

“Alone time, they complain. They want you to ditch work and be with them 24/7. Women shouldn't exist in this goddamn world!” Kouyou banged his fist against the table as if confirming that there were no further arguments for what he was articulating.

“I guess I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life.” he sniffed in his inebriated state.

“Don’t be like that, Kouyou.” Yuu sighed, pitying the other man in his state of drunken depression. “Maybe now it’s difficult for you, but I’m sure you’ll find someone.” he smiled at the blond reassuringly, even as the bitterness continued to grow inside him. Selfishly, he never wanted to see the day where Kouyou found someone to be with for the rest of his life. If Yuu couldn’t have him, then no one could. The thought left a nasty taste in his mouth, so he continued to drink, trying to rid himself of his selfish wants and desires.

“You’re a great guy. It’s not your fault those women can’t see that.” he said quietly, burning with jealousy as he cursed any woman who had done this man before him wrong. Kouyou deserved better than what anyone else could give him.

“Really?” Kouyou looked up at Yuu with tear-glossed auburn eyes. He reached forward to grab Yuu's warm hand in between his own palms and gripped them in gratitude. “You think I’m a great guy?” To the poor blond, ever since he had been left behind by so many women, the number which he couldn't even keep track of, he had been wondering if it had always been his fault. So when the brunet assured him that he deserved to be happy, Kouyou couldn't help but be grateful towards his colleague. He now felt a warm affection completely aimed towards Yuu, who had always been nice and sweet to him, even when he had done nothing but grumbled and complained whenever they met. 

Sometimes he wondered if Yuu was growing tired of his deplorable state. But then Kouyou had never seen anything like that in Yuu's soft, obsidian orbs. That alone was enough to assure the young lawyer.

“Of course I do.” Yuu replied gently, focussing on Kouyou’s warm hands on his own. The brunet resisted the urge to blush and could hear his heart pounding in his ears, but he composed himself even though his friend probably wouldn’t notice, because he was already intoxicated. “I wouldn’t lie to you.” he confirmed sweetly, finally staring up at Kouyou’s face and feeling his breath stolen away by how forlorn he looked, even as his glassy eyes glimmered with hope.

Yuu opened his mouth to say something, but the sound of his cell phone ringing interrupted his train of thought. He quickly, albeit reluctantly, withdrew his hands away from Kouyou and searched the pockets of his jacket to find the small device. The brunet’s expression became grim as a glare crossed his features when he stared down at the name on the screen, and the photo of a pretty young girl that accompanied it. “Yukari,” he answered, his voice hard. “I’m busy at the moment.”

From the other end of the line, Yukari, Yuu's eighteen-year old sister, frowned slightly upon hearing her brother's harsh tone. She decided to ignore her hurt feelings and started talking into the phone, "Nii-san, I just wanted to ask you when you will be home. It is really late and I’m alone."

Yuu took a deep breath and tried to quench his growing anger. “Yukari, you’re eighteen. You can be by yourself for a few hours.” he sighed, pursing his lips as he stared down at the table. “I’ll get home when I get home, okay?” The brunet avoided looking at Kouyou, especially when he felt his colleague’s intense stare on him. It wasn’t often he got to spend time alone with the blond, considering their busy work schedules and the fact that Yuu had, up until now, been looking after his younger sister nearly every single night.

Yukari’s heart fell at hearing her brother snap at her. She’d been waiting ever since she got home from school for her beloved older brother to get home, so that she could spend time with him. “Can’t you come home now?” she asked, the apartment she shared with the brunet seeming lonely without his presence there. “I haven’t had dinner yet, and I don’t want to be by myself.” Yukari admitted softly as she tucked some dark brown hair behind one of her pierced ears.

With every word she spoke, Yuu’s face only became more grim. He was expecting with age that Yukari would stop being so dependent on him, but recently she was becoming more clingy with wanting his attention. “Yukari, I just told you that I’m busy now.” he growled out. “I’m having dinner with a colleague.”

“Please, Nii-san.” Yukari whispered, wishing she didn’t have to resort to begging but having no other choice.

Before Yuu could snap back at his sister, Kouyou decided to intervene. The blond, who lived all alone by himself was clearly aware that it must be really hard for Yuu's sister to be alone on her own. She was just an eighteen-year old, so her fear and unease was understandable to Kouyou who practically hated living alone. 

“Yuu,” Kouyou said with a kind voice, placing a hand on the back of Yuu’s own. “I think you should go back home now. You shouldn't leave your sister alone like this.” he suggested.

Yuu glanced up at Kouyou, his mouth feeling dry. The thought of telling the blond to mind his own business came before it left, and now he could hear Yukari patiently waiting on the other end of the phone. He looked at his colleague’s expectant face and caved. “Okay.” he sighed dully, his evening now ruined because of this unexpected turn of events. “I’ll be home soon.” he told his sister, frowning to himself.

Yukari immediately brightened at hearing that. “Thank you, Nii-san!” she replied, before the two siblings said their goodbyes and Yuu hung up, putting his phone away. “Sorry about this.” The brunet apologized to Kouyou, feeling guilty for asking him out, when he now had to leave before they even got the chance to eat. “I promise I’ll make it up to you.” he promised softly.

“It's no big deal.” Kouyou smiled, before downing the remaining sake from the ceramic saucer. He collected his own coat off the floor, and got ready to leave without even bothering to wait for the food they had ordered to arrive.

“Waitress!” he waved to the pretty brunette who had brought their drinks earlier. “We are ready to pay. But before that, please cancel the two sashimis which we had ordered earlier for we have to leave now.”

The waitress nodded, gesturing for the two men to follow her to the cash register so that they could pay for their drinks. After splitting the total cost for the sake, Yuu had to grab hold of Kouyou’s shoulders to steady him when he almost stumbled into a couple entering the restaurant. The brunet apologized to them as he supported Kouyou, starting to walk over to where a taxi was already waiting for them. “Come on, I’ll take you home.” Yuu sighed, wondering how someone could get drunk in such a short amount of time.

“No,” Kouyou slurred, hiccuping slightly, trying to shove Yuu's protective grip off his shoulder. “I will manage on my own, hurry and go back to your sister. She is waiting for you, right?” The last thing Kouyou wanted was to have Yuu wasting more time on him. The blond felt anxious when he thought about the poor young girl worriedly waiting for her older brother to arrive home. Even though Kouyou was an only child, he was positive that he would hate it if his own non-existent elder brother broke his promise to him.

“Kouyou, you can’t even stand up.” Yuu exclaimed, staring at the intoxicated blond incredulously. “It’ll only be a quick detour to your apartment,” he promised and held his colleague more tightly, mainly to prevent him from getting away, but also to stop him from falling flat on his face. Yuu wasn’t sure if he had the muscle strength to literally pick Kouyou up and carry him, and he didn’t want to try. The brunet sent an apologetic look to the taxi driver, who was waiting for them to get in the car and stop lingering outside the motor vehicle. “Yukari can wait a little longer.” he said firmly.

“But..” The blond started to protest, but seeing the stern look on his colleague's face, he immediately bit back his retort. “Okay, but only till my apartment. After that, you shouldn't make excuses to come inside or anything like that.” Kouyou pursed his full lips and raised an eyebrow, waiting for the brunet to agree to his demand. 

Yuu nodded reluctantly. He just hoped Kouyou wouldn’t collapse on the way to his door, because he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself for leaving the other man alone if he passed out, with no one around to help him. The brunet knew his colleague could take care of himself, but under the influence of alcohol, anything could happen. “Okay, I promise.” he said before opening the door to the taxi and helping Kouyou inside before climbing in himself.

Since Kouyou was drunk, he told the driver the address of the blond’s apartment.

Kouyou had a tough time sitting straight, as the taxi intercepted through the traffic. He had never allowed himself to get so drunk, that too when the subsequent day was a work day. The blond cursed himself because he knew that it was the case that had led him to this pathetic state of his. He was getting paranoid about losing  it, as he had never lost a single case to this day. If he didn't solve the damn case anytime soon, he definitely would end up demented or worse, dead. When the taxi bounced on a bump on the road, Kouyou's head slumped on Yuu's shoulder. The blond continued to remain there, even though it was embarrassing as his head had started to pound steadily. Somehow the brunet's firm shoulder seemed to ease the lawyer's discomfort.

“I guess, I am hungry...” Kouyou whined as his stomach released an audible growl. 

Yuu bit his lip, starting to feel uncomfortable with the close proximity that he was currently sharing with Kouyou. But he didn’t say anything and allowed the blond to stay there, because even if he knew his colleague was drunk, he still secretly liked it and didn’t want it to end. If only Kouyou did this when he was sober, then he would be over the moon. His heart felt tight and his palms felt clammy every time he felt the blond shift in his seat, trying to get comfortable as he moved around next to him.

“Sorry for interrupting your dinner.” he apologized softly, feeling angry with his sister for ruining his time with Kouyou. He hardly ever got to have time for himself, and he hated how Yukari had taken this one thing away from him.

“Don't apologize,” Kouyou mumbled, shaking his head which only resulted in his head nestling deeper into the crook of Yuu's shoulder. “I think I’ll just cook something for myself when I get home” The blond rubbed his tummy as if trying to coax it to settle
when it released another angry growl. 

“Yeah, I’ll probably have to make something for Yukari and myself when I get home as well.” Yuu grumbled as he remembered that his sister told him that she hadn’t eaten yet. He could almost imagine her waiting at home, ingredients for dinner set out in the kitchen ready for them to use. She loved cooking, but he knew she found it more enjoyable when they made meals together. Yuu gave into her when she was younger, but now it just seemed silly to prepare meals with his younger sister when they were both adults.

Yuu took a deep breath and tried to ignore Kouyou’s body against his, one of his legs shaking nervously as he took to staring out the window, watching the streets of Tokyo bursting with life and colour even so late in the evening. The brunet could smell the musky smell of cologne wafting from Kouyou’s body, and something sweet coming from his golden honey tresses. He sighed and resisted the urge to wrap his arms around the other man, trying to keep his hands to himself.

“Cooking with your sister,” The blond smiled. “Sounds like fun to me.” Kouyou thought that Yuu was really lucky to have someone waiting for him to return home. It may just be a sister, but still a human being, someone warm and kind, awaiting patiently for his return. Kouyou almost felt a slight pang of jealousy towards the brunet's good fortune. 

Yuu snorted, but it was soft and barely noticeable. It wasn’t fun, more like something he was compelled to do out of responsibility of being Yukari’s guardian and pleasing her so she wouldn’t complain. He’d have much rather stayed out and had dinner with Kouyou instead of going back home to feel suffocated by his sister’s presence. But Kouyou didn’t know this, so he instead just nodded and smiled. “I guess so.” he shrugged, feeling a little relieved when he realized they were close to where the blond lived.

Soon, the taxi slowed down outside the apartment complex. “Kouyou, we’re here.” he announced, tapping his colleague on the arm to make sure he was still awake. He would be at a loss of what to do if he found out the other man had passed out in the taxi. Yuu wasn’t sure how Kouyou would react if he made the decision to just take the blond home with him.

Kouyou fluttered his bleary eyes open when he felt someone gently shaking his shoulder. The blond’s surroundings were really blurry to his amber orbs, and for a moment he couldn't comprehend where he was. He had to take Yuu's words for assurance that it indeed was his home where the taxi had stopped at. Kouyou awkwardly stumbled out of the door and tried his best not to drop flat on the rough road beneath his unsteady feet. The world in front of his eyes seemed to be taking circles of three-sixty-degree turns. Rubbing his painfully, stinging eyes with his hands, he turned back to the car to look through the open window where Yuu remained seated, throwing immensely worried glances at him.

“See you tomorrow at work, Yuu.” Kouyou tried his best to smile, but it looked incredibly crooked. “I’m sorry for troubling you like this. Once again, thank you for dropping me off at home. And give my regards to your sister.”
Kouyou pulled out some yen and handed it to the taxi-driver, and before Yuu could protest, paid extra which would cover Yuu's fare for the remaining journey back to his own home. 

“Bye...” Yuu whispered when Kouyou stumbled away from the taxi, nearly falling but recollected himself just in time as he headed towards the apartment complex, leaving him sitting alone in the taxi with no one but the driver. 


Upon arriving back at his apartment, Yuu dragged himself to his front door and opened it, closing it behind him. The brunet heard the patter of feet and soon found Yukari throwing her lithe arms around his middle and squeezing him in a welcome home hug. He cringed and immediately tried to push her away, upset with the petite brunette because she had ruined his evening for her own selfish desires. “Get off me, Kari.” he grumbled.

"Welcome home, Nii-san." Yukari squealed in delight, continuing to hug her beloved older brother and pretending to have not heard the brunet's grumbling or his attempts to push her away. “I've been waiting for you to get home, ever since I came home from school.” she looked up and gave a timid smile to her handsome, older brother.

After giving a firm squeeze around Yuu's waist, the petite girl released her arms around her older brother. “I’ve everything ready in the kitchen. Let's cook, ‘cause I’m feeling really hungry, Nii-san. I haven't eaten anything since lunch.” Yukari stood there, hands folded behind her back, looking down shyly, waiting for her brother to follow her to the kitchen. 

Yuu pursed his lips in distaste and could feel a headache coming on. He sighed as he dropped his briefcase and laptop bag down onto the floor carelessly and shed his jacket, hanging it up on the nearby coat stand. “Yukari, I’m not in the mood.” he admitted tiredly, but seeing his little sister’s expectant face and the determined look in her eye, showing that she wasn’t about to falter, made him glare at her and he ended up giving in, like he always did.

“Fine.” he snapped out. “Come on.” Yuu didn’t spare the brunette another glance as he walked past her into the kitchen, seeing that she had already set everything out for a western dish, pasta most likely, as she was so fond of it. With a dark look on his face, Yuu rolled the sleeves of his work shirt up to his elbows and started washing his hands.

Yukari happily followed her brother into the small, neatly kept kitchen. She removed a pink flower-patterned apron, and a plain black one off the steel hook on the wall. The petite brunette handed the black one to her older brother and proceeded to put on the pink apron on, tying the knot around her slim waist. Yukari was well aware that her older brother's job taxed a lot on him, making him unable to return home early. She also knew that Yuu enjoyed being a lawyer, and that was why he had tried his best to get a scholarship at a mediocre college to study law. 

As soon as Yuu had joined a firm as a junior lawyer, Yukari had tried her best to grow up for her brother's sake by taking care of herself on her own, or even staying over her at her friend's place whenever her older brother had to pull an all-nighter at his office. In the beginning, she hadn't complained, but as soon as Yuu had gotten promoted, she felt that the brunet had to be home more often so that they could get back all the time they had missed before.

Yukari took a knife out of the wooden draw and started chopping some tomatoes as Yuu placed a pot of water on the stove.
“Do you know, what happened in class today, Nii-san?” Yukari started up a conversation, happily narrating the events that had happened in her school. “Rika-chan got a proposal from Masao-kun. I mean, we were on the way to our next class and he suddenly got down on one knee in front of her and extended a small gift wrapped in a sparkly-gold paper. Isn't that romantic?” The brunette smiled at Yuu, before she continued to talk. “But before Rika-chan could say yes or no, Tanaka-sensei came out of nowhere and dragged Masao-kun out of the hallway." she laughed.

Yuu absently listened to his sister rattle on about her day, starting to feel weary as he stared down at the pot of water that was just beginning to boil. He was tired, and all the energy he’d produced when he was out with Kouyou had faded into exhaustion, making the bags under his eyes seem darker and the soft, premature wrinkles that lined his face seem more prominent. Yuu didn’t want to listen to whatever silly teenage romances that occurred at Yukari’s school. All he wanted to do was finish dinner, eat and then go to bed. He’d already sacrificed his evening plans to be here, had left Kouyou, the man of his current affection and desires, just to be with his sister... and she was going on about menial things he could really care less about.

“Yukari, I really don’t care. Just shut up and make dinner, I want to get this over and done with.” Yuu demanded as he opened up a bag of pasta and started to pour the yellow shells into the water for them to start boiling.

“Nii-san, we’re supposed to be siblings,” Yukari snapped, slightly annoyed with her brother's indifference. “My friends always tell that their older brothers listen to whatever they tell them. Aren't you supposed to do the same too?” Yukari couldn't help but release the anger that coursed through her. Sometimes it really was unfair how her brother showed nothing but annoyance towards her. Maybe if she was behaving like a spoiled brat, and demanded for something impossible then it would have been understandable. But this... this attitude was totally unacceptable.

“Don’t be ungrateful, Yukari.” Yuu retorted back, finally reaching the end of his tolerance. “I raised you, I pay the bills, I buy you the things you need. I’ve put your best interests first always, but when I just want to spend an evening out, I can’t?” he slammed his fist down onto the kitchen counter and turned to face her angrily, the small amount of alcohol that was in his system no doubt making him more bolder with his scolding. “I can’t have a damn minute to myself without you wanting me for something!” he barked out, his face contorting angrily with every word.

“Then why the hell did you raise me?!” Yukari screamed back, angry tears streaming down from her charcoal-black eyes. “You can spend time with your colleague, but not with me? If that’s the case then I don't need you as my older brother! Just go back to that colleague of yours.” Before Yuu could retort, Yukari ran to her room, locked the door behind her and barricaded herself inside. She heard Yuu banging at the door, demanding that she open it, but the brunette still refused to unlock the door. Absolutely devastated, Yukari threw herself on the soft, mattress and sobbed her eyes out.

The Shiroyama siblings’ parents had died in a  freak car-accident when Yukari was just eight-years old, while Yuu had just turned nineteen. Even though Yuu had just made his first step into the adult world, he single handedly raised his sister without anyone's help as they didn't have any close living relatives. He had done various jobs to make enough money to provide for his only living relative... his little sister. To Yukari, her brother, her only solace was someone she loved and admired as she had no one else to love or look up to. She hardly had any friends either. Her world was Yuu and only Yuu. 

“Shiroyama Yukari, you open this door!” Yuu yelled in frustration from outside Yukari’s bedroom, his teeth grinding together before he inhaled sharply and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. He didn’t mean to snap, but sometimes his sister was just too overbearing and he couldn’t stand it, thus he got annoyed with her. Yukari’s words made him feel guilty for being so cruel to her, she was his little sister after all, but he was tired after today and all he wanted was to relax with Kouyou. But that plan was ruined, by her. The moment and chance was gone. 

“I’m sorry.” he apologized, expecting Yukari to give in and open the door, but not a single sound was heard, even when he listened closely.

Yukari was too absorbed in her thoughts, thinking about the brother whom she loved to the end of the world and back, the brother that only snapped at her and treated her like waste of time and space. True that compared to many other siblings, they had a huge age gap of eleven years. But that still didn’t make Yuu's behavior towards her right. Why couldn't her Nii-san like her like she liked him? Why couldn't Nii-san spend at least a little time with her? When such questions cropped up in her mind, it only made her cry even harder. If her parents had just taken her along with them when they had met with the unfortunate accident, then Yuu wouldn't have had to raise her at all, and he would have been much happier without her to leech off him, she thought as she finally fell asleep. 

“Kari?” Yuu called again, using her nickname this time instead. “I said was sorry, come out please.” he tried once more, but upon not receiving any kind of reply, began to grow angry once more at the fact his sister was now ignoring him. “Damn it!” he roared, banging his fist against the hardwood repeatedly.

“You don’t want to come out? Fine! Stay in there and sulk like a little baby.” he spat out, his forehead crinkling as he glared at the door before giving a good, solid kick to it and storming away, leaving dinner unfinished in the kitchen as he headed towards his own bedroom for the night, slamming the door shut behind him.

“Shit.” Yuu cursed, sitting down on the edge of the bed and reaching for the pack of cigarettes that were always beside the nightstand, in reach of when he needed them. He flicked his zippo lighter on once he’d placed the white stick between his lips, and inhaled the nicotine deeply, knowing that it was against the apartment rules to smoke inside, as it could ruin the walls and whatnot. But he didn’t care. Yuu wanted the sanctuary of his own room and didn’t want to venture out onto the balcony, because it meant he would have to pass by Yukari’s bedroom to get to it.

Soon, the cigarette was finished and he lit up another, smoking haphazardly as he stared at the wall, the immense amount of guilty returning to him. Yuu knew he shouldn’t treat his sister this way, she was only a teenager after all and it was true, he was the only one she had. But while he could understand her reasons for wanting to be close to him, there was still a gap between them that left a drift in their relationship. Yuu didn’t want to heartless or cruel, but Yukari just made him so angry and frustrated sometimes when she wanted his attention all the time. He had taken her as his own responsibility when his parents had passed away, but in return he had given up a great portion of his life to be a parent figure to his little sister.

He’d finished school, but his bad grades because of his stressful last months of school had caused him to fail. When his parents had gotten into that horrible car crash, they were kept in a coma for a long period of time until the doctors deemed them brain dead a few months later. Yuu had ordered the hospital to pull the plug, as they weren’t coming back and money was being wasted to only prolong their suffering. The result of his parent’s official death had caused his whole life to be pushed aside to take care of Yukari, still so young when she was stripped of her parents and heavily grieving. With his unacceptable grades for school, finding a university to study at was difficult. To pay for his fees, Yuu had to work more jobs that he could manage, all the while also having to look after his little sister at the same time. 

It paid off, and now he was a successful lawyer who made enough money to support them both, but he didn’t have time for himself then, and he didn’t now either, even when Yukari should be starting to grow up a little and become more mature. She had to learn to take care of herself at some point, because Yuu knew he couldn’t spend the rest of his life babying her while he had a life of his own, dreams to pursue, a job to advance in. He wanted to live his own life for once.

Yuu sighed as he finished off his third cigarette, stubbing it out in the ashtray before he buried his face into his calloused hands and massaged his temples, deeply distressed as he tried to figure out what to do. He’d only wanted to spend some time with Kouyou, but it had become a disaster. The brunet knew he had no chance with the blond because he was straight, that was clear enough, but that didn’t mean he was going to sacrifice their friendship because he couldn’t be with him romantically. As he changed for bed, stripping himself completely off clothes as he preferred to sleep naked, Yuu crawled under the cool, crisp sheets. Yuu turned the light off, feeling the events of today wash over him like a wave of melancholy as he closed his eyes in an attempt to sleep, sighing softly as he felt himself start to relax.


Meanwhile in Kouyou's apartment, the blond trudged drunkenly around in his little kitchen. His stomach continued to growl incessantly as he set the stove in full flame and placed a hot pot of water on the hob. The effects of the alcohol he had drained back at the restaurant were already weakening the strength in his legs, making it difficult for Kouyou to even stand straight. But then, he knew that if he didn't get any food into his system, he would definitely collapse and there would be no one to help him, as no one except for Yuu actually knew where he lived. 

Kouyou inwardly cursed himself for not staying behind and eating the sashimi he had ordered at the restaurant. But he hadn't felt like staying behind without Yuu, as he had deemed it embarrassing to remain alone in his drunken, senseless state since he was well aware of the fact that he did ridiculous stuff, which he would never be capable of doing if he were sober.

The water had started to boil, tiny bubbles appearing at the surface of the transparent, colourless liquid. Kouyou pulled out a cup of instant noodles, partially opening the aluminium cover and set it on the kitchen counter. Instant noodles were the only thing he could manage in his current state. He wrapped a thick, cloth rag around the pot and was about to lift it off the fire when the phone in the living room decided to the ring shrilly. Kouyou cursed softly as he left the rag on the handle of the pot and rushed to answer the phone.

“Hello, Takashima resi~dence.” Kouyou talked into the receiver in his hand.

“Kouyou-kun, how are you my baby boy?” A shrill, high-pitched voice answered him.

“Mum,” Kouyou smiled on hearing the cheerful voice of his mother on the other side of the line. “I’m well... yup, I’m doing well. Very well. How about you and... Dad?" he slurred slightly as the effects of the alcohol still hadn’t left him. Even though he had been drinking for years, he still wasn’t very good with handling alcohol. But his love for booze didn’t allow him to quit.

“Dad and I are doing well too,” his mother laughed. “Is my baby taking care of himself? And honey, are you drunk?”

“I’m well, Mum.” he giggled. “And yes. I’m drunk.”

“Kouyou,” his mother huffed indignantly. “I’ve told you so many times not to get drunk while living alone. There won’t be anyone to take care of you. You are making me worry too much.”

“Relax, Mum.” Kouyou chuckled. For some reason, the alcohol made his brain all mushy and reduced him into nothing but a laughing git. “I’m perfectly alright. I went out with... a colleague. Yeah, a colleague, and had a few drinks, that’s all. I’m totally in control. I’m fine. Anyway, where’s Dad?” Kouyou tried to change the topic. He knew that if his mother started worrying over him, then she would start fussing so badly that it would definitely never stop until Kouyou gave in by promising that he would never touch alcohol again.

Kouyou remained in the living room, talking to his parents. Since his parents lived overseas, they rarely called due to the expenses of calling long distance. But on the occasions they did call, the conversations tended to last for hours. Kouyou missed his parents and wished that they would live with him here rather than somewhere far out of his reach. He could only visit them when he had enough money, and when it would be possible to take a long vacation from his overburdening career. He knew it would be selfish of him to force them to come here as his mother's health, which had slowly deteriorated in Japan, was miraculously recovering when they had started living in America. That was one of the reasons why his Dad had decided to permanently settle down in the States.

Fifteen minutes had elapsed. Kouyou had completely forgotten that the stove had gone up in full flame. A burning smell had already spread into the living room. But Kouyou, who was completely intoxicated, was oblivious to it and hadn’t realized that the rag which he had carelessly left on the pot had started burning. Finally, only when the odour turned pungent and made him gag, did he realize his stupid action of leaving a flammable material on the stove. Soon the living room was clouded with smoke, making the blond cough and choke. Kouyou apologized to his parents for cutting the call short, and immediately hung up, running towards the kitchen which seemed to be the source of the thick, black smoke. When he threw the wooden door open, he was met with the horrendous sight of a roaring fire, enveloping his entire kitchen in a sea of flames.

As soon as he’d opened the door, the fire started making its way to the remaining room too. Kouyou instantly ran out of his house to get the fire extinguisher that was kept in the embedded glass case in the hallway wall. The shock of seeing the fire, had helped him sober up slightly. He rushed back inside and sprayed the compressed air onto the deadly flames. By then the fire alarm had already gone off, alerting the rest of the tenants of the apartment, who rushed to the spot of commotion. A guy yelled randomly to call the fire service while many of the others tenants, armed with buckets of water and hose pipes, tried their best to put out the fire, which had already spread through every inch of the blond's single-roomed apartment. By the time the fire service arrived and the fire was completely put out, Kouyou's apartment had completely been burnt out, leaving nothing but a shell of ash, leaving him homeless



veroxion: So, that's the end of the first chapter! I know, we're both crazy for starting up a new fic like this. Especially me lol. But all our other fics are still being updated, apart from the fics already on hiatus. :) I really didn't want to wait with writing this, and we're going to both do our best to update it regularly. For me, this was so much fun to write and this story will be quite long. We're still planning it, so hopefully you'll all like it. Scarlet is like, my third twin. So this story is also very special to me. ♥ Both of us would appreciate it if you could leave a comment to let us know if you like it! :D

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I'm not being judgemental so i can't hate aoi's sis just yet. I mean she has only yuu. So it's normal that she's being a little possessive and demanding. Yuu's her family, so i can't blame her. I think yuu should see what he's doing to her.


Once again, amazing start! Update soon!

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Really interesting chapter, I like the beginning and will be looking foward to the next one. ^^
Yukari... I'm sorry, but at first glance I don't really like her... But Kou on the other hand, heheh...

Anyway, good luck with the next one, I'll be patiently waiting. =)
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i just wanna say, that Yukari is a spoiled brat!! D: can't stand her! i mean she ruined it for Yuu!!

but i'm rooting for Yuu to confess his love toward Kouyou :3

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Omg!!!!!!! This is soo good!!!!!!! I kind of feel sorry for Yukari...but I understand what Yuu means... they have a big gap between them and Yuu just wants time for himself... oh well... anyhow... Kouyou is just amazing lol he would get drunk and forfeit about the above... he'll be okay though.
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Another new fic, yes. :D

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But anyway, please update soooooooon!!!!
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Really? I'm so happy, thank you!! ♥

Wow, you like Yukari? Scarlet and I were super worried that everyone would hate her. So I'm glad you have an open opinion about her. I think a lot of OC's are overlooked in fanfics and are given bad names, in terms of personality and stuff. Hopefully this'll be good. ;)

Thanks for commenting, sweetie! I always look forward to your comments.
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Sounds interesting!

But I was a little bit disappointed in Yuu because he let Kouyou drink with empty stomach and then he didn't think of the option of inviting Kouyou to have dinner with them. It was so perfect opportunity, he could have placated his annoying sister and still spent time with Kouyou (show off his culinary skills : D). But judging by the summary he will have a lot of chance to charm the other with home made food...

Strange, but Yukari's behaviour reminded me so much of the ex-girlfriends Kouyou talked about, so my theory is so far that she's in love with his brother secretly (okay it's stupid, blame it on the huge amount of DBSK-incest story I encountered with ^^) and after the fire incident that makes Kouyou their temporary room-mate, the interaction between the two men makes her feel neglected. She tries everything to gain her brother's attention again and after many failed attempts she decides that a suicide will make the effect she wished for but at the end she dies accidentally... I wonder if my idea was close to yours at all...

Anyway Yuu's hard work to become a lawyer and the fact of raising his sister without any support is really amazing, he's so strong and determined, I admire his character so much!
I can't wait for the next chapter, I'm so curious how will they get along with each other!
Veroxion: aoi&uruha / redveroxion on July 28th, 2012 07:44 pm (UTC)
Haha, Yuu's not very bright, is he? He missed the perfect chance to entice Kouyou into his home with cooking. XD But yes, there will be plenty of chances in the future for him to impress Kouyou with his skills.

That's quite an interesting theory you have there! I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens! ;)

We're so glad you like Yuu! He really is an admirable person to push his life aside for his sister, yet he is still determined to achieve in it. I love his character a lot in this, so it's lovely to hear this opinion. Thank you!

The next chapter should be out soon, hopefully, with Chapter 2 being on Scarlet's journal. I hope you'll like what you read. XD Thanks for commenting, dear!